For those whose voices have been silenced through abuse.

It wasn’t supposed to happen. She wasn’t supposed to remember. Her father thought he had made sure of that.

About the book

An innocent pastor’s daughter hid safely in her own self-made bubble. Until, as an adult, the bubble popped. The dusty, long-sealed book was pried open.

Based on a true story, For the Silenced Ones takes you on an inner healing journey with Callie McCormick, a victim of satanic ritual abuse under the guise of the church. From a betrayed, shattered soul to forgiveness, redemption, and wholeness, Callie braves the uphill battle towards freedom.

For the Silenced Ones illustrates a dark reality hidden where most would turn a blind eye – uncovering whitewashed tombs – while at the same time leading survivors on a path of healing. Will you hear the once-silenced voice of the least of these?

About the Author

Charisse is wife, mom, writer, blogger, and artist, who has walked her own healing journey towards freedom. She loves Jesus, and desires for others to experience the same redeeming love that she has.

To Order:
$11.95 paperback/ $9.95 Kindle version

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